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Mission Statement

The Montana Taxpayers Action Group exists to ensure transparency and responsibility in how tax burdens are imposed and how public resources are expended.

We educate, assist, and advocate for taxpaying citizens of Montana. When taxes are increased, we identify the responsible parties.

Protest Form

The button below is a downloadable Protest Form for paying property taxes, and an AB-26 form for a review of property tax assessments. The “Reason for Protest” on the Tax Payment form for most of our members will be “participating in a class action suit.” The cause numbers for the two class action suits are DV-18-60 and DV-18-113. You will want to include BOTH cause numbers on the Protest Form. 

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How to Read Local Government Budgets

Here’s How to Crack the Code!

How to Read Your Tax Bill

It’s not so hard once you break it down.


Most current calendar dates associated with City and County Fiscal Year 2019 Budget.

State Department of Revenue

August 6, 2018

State Department of Revenue issues Tax Year 2018 Taxable Values – enables County, City, Schools, etc. to calculate Mill Levies

City FY2019 Budget

May – July 2018

Departments present Budget Requests to City Council

August 8, 2018

Mayor delivers FY2019 Executive Budget to City Council


August 20, 2018

Public Hearing to adopt FY2019 City Budget and Mill Levies

August 27, 2018

Public Hearing on Road and Park District Assessments/City Council setting Budget Expenditures and Property Tax Requirements for FY2019

September 10, 2018

Public Hearing on all other levies

County FY2019 Budget

July 26, 2018

Preliminary County FY2019 Budget presentation

August 23, 2018

Public Hearing on final County FY2019 Budget

2018 Tax Bills

Late October 2018

Tax Bills for County, City, Schools, etc. in the mail

October – November

“Payment of Taxes under Protest” filing period

November 30, 2018

Property Tax due date – first half

May 31, 2019

Property Tax due date – second half

2019 Property Appraisals by State Department of Revenue

June – July 2019

2019 Classification and Appraisal Notice in the mail

July 2019

“Request for Informal Classification and Appraisal Review” (Form AB-26) 30-day filing period

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